•    MacPro with Dual Quad Core Intel Xeon processors, running SnowLeopard 10.6.7
•    Pro Tools HD 2 with 192 channels of Audio, running ProTools 10.3.7 plus Control 24 automated mixing console
•    Rosetta 800 digital dual stage clocking with 8 channels of Apogee D-A and A-D converters.
•   Plug-ins:Waves, Lexiverb, Altiverb, PSP signal processing, Antares, Melodyne, Oxford Plug-ins,
   Drum Plug-ins: BFD ,BFD2 and BFD3, Strike,          Drumagog, Groove Agent 3, Battery, Stylus RMX,
Orchestral: Miroslav Vitous Philharmonic, Play, Vienna Instruments, Vienna Ensemble Pro
   Guitar Plug-ins: Guitar Rig 5, Amp Farm, Sans Amp,                     
   Stomp Box
•   Synth and Sampler Plug-ins: Kontakt 5, Komplete9, Expand2, 
•    Console/Pre-amps:Control 24 Automated mix console,Summit Audio pre's, Neve pre's, 32 channels of Focusrite pre's.
•    Yamaha CFIII Concert Grand Piano
•    Hammond C-3 with 122 high boy Leslie
•    Yamaha S90ES 88 note weighted action     keyboard
•    Yamaha EX5
•    Korg SP-200
•    Hohner Pianet
•    Vox Continental
•    Mini-moog
•    Full Premier studio drum kit, fully accessorized
•    Microphones: Neumann, AKG, Shure,Audio-Technica
   Full in-house headphone monitoring substations(6) with individual mix capabilities.
 Genelec monitors
•    Crown Power amps, 
•   16 channel ADAT recorders

•   TC Helicon Voice Live 2

•   Fully automated mixing capabilites.

•   Full pitch-correction capabilities.

•    Way too many other cool things to list....